Khoa has a special interest in painting since childhood, but his true passion for graffiti began in 2008. His style influenced quite a lot from Graphic Design. With a dislike of the framework; the block, light and color in his paintings are broken the usual rules and completely painted with his inspiration at the time. However, he still holds a tacit rule for himself when drawing that is the balance and visual stability in the work.


Cresk has fallen in love with letters, graphics and painting, which gave him happiness and self confidence.

Cresk has come to graffiti since 2008 . He doesn’t like repetition as he always reflected in his graffiti.

He still continues to improve his ability to paint and find new styles, in order to combine with the

culture in Vietnam where he lives.


Daes began painting when he was a child. In 2013, he has came to Graffiti. He's interested in the lines, colors, contents they represent. The painting always gives him emotions, its helps him relieve stress, express himself anh be able to connect with people. He keep learning everyday to improve his ability.


(+84) 97 5500 993